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Naked Organic Jumbo Gluten Free Oats

Naked Organic Jumbo Gluten Free Oats


Naked Oats are an old variety of oat grains that grow without a husk. So they are not kiln dried as the husk noramlly protects the oat during the kilning, The naked oat is only cleaned  and flaked and put into the bag you recieve.

They are difficult to grow and we only have a very limited supply.

They do taste amazing and you are getting the whole grain when you eat them


The flake is sized between and porridge flake and a jumbo flake, so are quite versitile. 


It is made using top quality organic and gluten free oats grown in the North East of Scotland. 


Oats are a great healthy food option that set you up for the day ahead.


All our oats are sent to you in biodgradable pouches.  The box that comes through your letter box is made from recycled card or a re used cardboard box.


    Organic, gluten free oat flour in a bio degradable pouch. Produced in our own faciltiy that only handles gluten free oats. 

    Once open please try and consume within 4 weeks. The flour need to be stored in a sealed and dry container or in their bag. The oats will have a minimum shelf life of 6 months upon delivery.

    Nutritional Information per 100g



    1541 kJ

    369 kcal


    10.7 g


    - Of which sugars

    - Dietary fibre

    72.5 g

    1.5 g

    7.9 g


    - of which saturates

    4.0 g

    0.8 g


    19 mg

    No cholesterol

    Very low in sodium

    Low in sugar

    Low in saturated fats

    High in fibre

    Source of protein

    Source of iron




    You product is shipped via Royal Mail or a national parcel carrier depending on the weight. For example if you order 2 x 450g bags these will be posted with Royal Mail in a box that should fit through your letter box. Please report an damages to your product within 24hours of receiving them.

    We hope everything should arrive safe and sound.

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