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 Honest Oats - Organic Gluten Free Oats directly from our farm

We just LOVE oats

We are bringing top quality organic, gluten free oats directly to you. We grow the oats on our farm (and one or two of our friends' farms) we cut them, we dry them, we then kiln dry them (on a really old flat floored kiln built in 1880), we lovingly clean and roll them, we pack them and send them directly to you. You just enjoy them, with all our packaging being 100% biodegradable.

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The Story of Honest Oats

Honest Oats is a way for you to purchase top quality products directly from our farm. 


We are third generation farmers and have been growing oats on our farm for 50 years and have been organic for 40 years. We used to sell our oats to the top race horse stables around the world but have since moved to concentrate on oats for people and have been processing our own oats for almost 20 years. As a result our farm has not seen wheat or barley on it for almost 10 years  (a main source of gluten contamination).

We are Scotland's first dedicated gluten free oat processing company.


We believe our prices for Organic Gluten Free Oats offer the best value online because you are buying directly from the farmer. We strive to make the entire shopping experience as easy as possible. Check out our store and get in touch with questions or requests.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Aren't Oats Gluten Free Anyway?

Yes, oats are naturally gluten free. However farmers as part of a growing cycle will rotate their crops grown in each field annually. So where the contamination comes from is perhaps rogue wheat from the previous 1 or 2 years crop growing amongst the oats. This wheat (or barley) will then get cut and mixed in with the oats and it becomes very difficult to then remove this source of contamination. Contamination can also occur with farmers using contractors to cut, transport, dry or process their oats, perhaps they have previously just cut a wheat field, and there will be a large amount of wheat residue left in the combine.

Why do gluten free oats cost so much more than standard oats?

It does cost a lot to produce top quality gluten free organic oats.

Growing only oats on our farm to avoid any contamination limits what else we can grow and market as farmers, this creates a slight premium on the oats.

It takes almost 2kg of oats to make 1 kg of porridge flakes, as we have to remove husks from the oat which for a large part of the oat. The way we traditionally dry our oats takes time and is a manual job, where the oats are turned by hand every 2 hours. The oats go through 6 cleaning processes to remove dust, husks and other particles to give a clean finished product. We are a small scale producer and can only produce about 3000kg a day.

What is the secret to making great porridge?

Simple answer is to keep stirring your oats as they cook, ideally with a spurtle, but a wooden spoon is just as good . We think that cooking them on the stove is best, adding milk or water as you go to get the consistency that you want. The oats can be microwaved too if that suits you.

How many servings are in a 450g bag?

Based on an average serving of 50 grams per portion, there are 9 servings in a bag.

Tell me about the packaging that the oats will come in.

The bags that your oats come in is 100% biodegradable, and will fully decompose in 10 weeks. The label on the bag is also biodegradable.


The cardboard box your oats are posted in will either be a repurposed box that we may have received, so we are giving it a second use, there may be some tape or plastic on it from the previous sender. If we have to use a new box we will not add any plastic to it - eg not Sellotape etc. These boxes are degradable and fully recyclable.

What is your return policy and shipping rates?

You need to inform us in writing immediately upon receipt of your goods if you are not happy with them. We can then discuss your issue and hopefully resolve quickly.

To get the best value of shipping our oats, below is a table to show you how your shipping rate is worked out

     0 - 2kg       £3.40

     2 - 5kg       £6.99

     5 - 10kg     £7.99

Please contact us if you want more than 10kg . You can obviously pick up from the farm for free - select this option at check out.

Send us a note to discuss our wonderful oats that we all love

Honest Oats is a brand of Oatmeal of Alford

Mains of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk

01561 377356

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