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Oats Recipe

Gluten Free Bread

Amazing flavour and texture! Truly gluten free and manageable lactose wise. Also, doesn't contain egg, which is excellent for allergy sufferers.

Gluten Free Bread

Ingredients for 4 loaves

  • 850g Honest-Oats' Organic Gluten Free Oat Flour

  • 750g Honest-Oats' Super Jumbo Organic Gluten Free Oats

  • 4 teaspoons dried yeast

  • 4 tsps sodium bicarbonate

  • 4 tsps baking soda

  • 4 tsps heaped sugar

  • 2 tsps heaped salt

  • Add mix to 1 kilo Onken natural yoghurt (truly gluten free and manageable lactose wise). Do not use set yogurt!

  • 900 ml water

Cooking method

  1. In a mixing bowl combine the oats and the oat flour and salt.

  2. Fork in the grated cheese and put in the melted butter.

  3. Mix to a rough crumbly consistency.

  4. Cook the veg first until just tender then sprinkle the crumble on top and bake in a 180 oven (I use a Raeburn and I am not used to precise temperatures, so hot but not roasting hot) for about 30 minutes.

Please share this! Took me a couple years to get right! Credit - Guy Rowe
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